Aquality ArctiCollar Personal Cooling System (2 Packs)

Aquality ArctiCollar Personal Cooling System (2 Packs)

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The ArctiCollar Personal Cooling System

Aquality introduces the ArctiCollar, the most technologically advanced personal cooling system on the market today in both comfort and performance! Designed for all Personal, Sports, Professional, and Medical (hotflash or multiple sclerosis) cooling needs.

Q: What is ArctiCollar?

A: The ArctiCollar Cooling Collar is a phase-change personal cooling system so intelligent, it is actually programmed to help you keep your cool and dry longer than other methods. ArctiCollar wraps around your neck and produces a cool, refreshing, safely-regulated temperature output of 55-60F regardless of ambient temperature or humidity level. A unique combination of bio-tech engineering and an amazing high-tech molecular alloy, this light-weight, portable personal cooling system provides cool relief from the blistering summer heat without batteries, wires or external plumbing.

Q: Why should I be interested in buying two Cooling Packs?

A: Naturally, our customers want the cooling to last. The single ArctiCollar Cool Pack included in our Cooling Kit works for up to 1.5 hours (compare that to a few minutes for a cooling bandana). Following an amazingly short 20 minute recharge time in ice water (or 45 minutes in a freezer, or 90 minutes in a refrigerator), this single cooling pack is fully recharged and ready to go again.
But if you order our ArctiCollar Cooling System with TWO Cooling Packs (1 primary and 1 spare) you can swap in the spare pack to double your cooling duration without a recharge. Even better, if a cooling source is available to recharge packs (such as a portable container of ice, such as an ice chest), you can use one pack while recharging the other to get true, 24/7, non-stop cooling! (Additional spare packs are available for order).

Q: Why choose ArctiCollar over other Cooling Methods?

VS. Ice and Gel Packs:
A: These two Neanderthals are based on obsolete "ice age" technology: they take hours to freeze, and are so painfully cold they can actually give you frostbite against bare skin. In contrast, ArctiCollar cools at a constant, controlled, refreshing 55-60F. And unlike ice and gel packs, ArctiCollar recharges in as little as 20 minutes with ice water, or 40-90 minutes in a refrigerator or freezer).

VS. Bandanas:
A: Unless you live in an extremely hot and dry climate, bandanas can be a dripping mess that only work for a few minutes, and quit altogether in areas of high humidity. Even our high-tech evaporative cooling neck wraps (an improvement over bandanas in that they keep you dry) do not work well in conditions of high humidity, and do not cool as well as phase change material (see Temperature Output Graph Below). In contrast, ArctiCollars are unaffected by high humidity, last for hours, and are clean and dry when used.


Q: Who uses the ArctiCollar?

Sports and Exercise Enthusiasts - indoors and outdoors:
The ArctiCollar has been ergonomically designed for COMFORT -- even while you are maximally active. Some of our customers regularly use the ArctiCollar while playing outdoor sports like golf, tennis, baseball, football, running, and cycling. But ArctiCollar isn't just for those hot days outdoors! It keeps you cool and comfortable indoors as well! Do you play racquetball or basketball? Work out in the gym? Sweat during aerobics? Arcticollar can help keep you cool and increase your endurance... indoors as well as out!

Professionals: ArctiCollars are also excellent for boosting productivity and comfort in persons that work in hot conditions like chefs, welders, foundry workers, landscapers, law enforcement, and construction crews. Our business clients have found that the ArctiCollar offers safe, cool and comforting relief during just about any rigorous outdoor or indoor activity.

Hot Flash and Night Sweat Sufferers (e.g. Menopause or Multiple Sclerosis): The ArctiCollar helps relieve the heat-related symptoms of hot flashes and night sweats from menopause or multiple sclerosis (MS). Thanks to the safely regulated 57F temperature output of ArctiCollar, you can cool down without turning the house into an icebox. By placing the ArctiCollar around the back of your neck, you're applying a burst of refreshing cooling right where a number of hot flashes start. And because the ArctiCollar is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, you can even wear it to bed to help deal with night sweat symptoms.

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