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Aquality's mobile misting fan inventory includes our very own Port-A-Chill fans as well as units from Schaefer Ventilation, AirChiller, Advanced Misting and others. The Port-A-Chill mobile high pressure misting fan is comprised of uniquely integrated components that capitalize on flash evaporative cooling. Flash evaporative cooling takes advantage of atomization technology that produces ultra-fine water particles to lower the ambient temperature of an area without getting floors or the ground wet. With our high velocity fan head in place the Port-A-Chill mobile cooling system can move 6902 cubic feet of air per minute and can cool up to 1800 square feet all while reducing the ambient temperature by as much as 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

For personal cooling and heating, try our high quality personal cooling devices. The deluxe cooling vests we carry are available in flame retardant material and draw on phase change technology. Phase change materials (PCM) release long-lasting, temperature-specific phase change cooling energy that can be used in a variety of applications. To cool, PCM melts to a liquid state as it absorbs heat. It maintains temperatures ranging between 40F/4C up to 65F/18C. This technology is employed in the ArctiCollar Cooling Neckwrap product we offer.

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