Personal Cooling

Personal Cooling Wear

Aquality Water Systems also specializes in high quality personal cooling devices like Evaporative Cooling Vests, Phase Change Cooling Vests, ArctiCollar Cooling Neckwrap & Evaporative Cooling Neck Wraps. Some of the deluxe cooling vests we carry are flame retardant and draw on phase change technology.

Phase change materials, or PCM, are designed to release long lasting, temperature specific, cooling energy that can be used in a variety of applications. This technology is also employed in the cooling neck wraps, ArctiCollar and cooling head wrap/cap products Aquality Water Systems offer. Many of these items can be used to relieve the discomforts of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Menopause and Night Sweats.

To view the personal phase change and evaporative cooling products we carry, please use the product links below.