VersaMist PVM18-LC Mist Fan Head Only - No Cooler

VersaMist PVM18-LC Mist Fan Head Only - No Cooler

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VersaMist PVM18-LC Mist Fan Head Without Cooler (Works With Any Igloo 10 Gallon Cooler)

• Mist pump rated for one gallon per minute output; housed in a heavy-duty enclosure with tip switch.

• Designed to fit on an existing 10 gallon Igloo cooler.

• Includes 25' outdoor-rated power cord with integrated GFCI.

• Fan assembly is UL 507 rated and includes white or black powder-coated steel guard mounted on a yoke attached to the tank lid/pump assembly, and mist hub with four .012 nozzles. Includes one extra nozzle and two plugs.


A = 24" B = 26" C = 15"


50 PSI / 5 hours of operation on one full (10 gallon) tank

Motor Specifications:

Fan 3 speed 168 watts 120V 1.45A total requirement (fan and mist pump) 2.15A


33 lbs Box = 22" x 22" x 26"



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